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Our Mission

Dharam Vyas, CEO of Total Rehab, believes that the world of physioterhapy needs to be revolutionised in reponse to the ever increasing waiting times to see a physiotherapist in the NHS.

To help achieve this, he created Total Rehab App. A mobile app, complete with four sports injury plans for lower back, shoulder, ankle and hamstring. As well as three post-operation rehab programs for total hip replacement, total knee replacement and ACL rupture.

Total Rehab App are working hard to develop more programs for users in the upcoming months, so stay tuned!

Our Story

Total Rehab App was created by our founder and CEO Dharam Vyas. He has over 10 years of clinical experience as a Sports Therapist, running his own Sports Injury and Osteopathy clinic in Bromley, London.

In 2021, a sporting injury led Dharam to undergo ACL Rupture surgery, and he reliased the lack of thorough and personalised rehabiliation programs available online and through the NHS. This led him on a journey to create a mobile app capable of providing such programs for all post-surgery and sports injury interventions regardless of age and activity level.

Our Values

Our physiotherapy mobile app is built on the foundation of caring, innovation, trustworthiness and compassion. We believe in providing the highest quality care to our users, delivered with empathy and understanding. Our innovative approach utilizes the latest technology to create effective rehabiliation plans for each individuals. We strive to build trust with our users by providing transparent information, ensuring utmost privacy and security. We understand rehabiliation can be challenging and we wish to provide support and encouragement every step of the way.

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