Patella Tendinopathy (Runner's Knee)

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Information about the program

The Patella Tendinopathy (Runner's Knee) Management Program is crafted to guide and support you through the discomfort associated with Patella Tendinopathy. This condition often arises due to overuse or strain on the patellar tendon, leading to pain around the knee. Active participation in the program is crucial for your recovery, and the plan is tailored to facilitate your return to physical activity and daily routines.

Your progression matters

We will regularly assess your pain level and adjust the program based on your feedback to create a better plan for the upcoming weeks. This ensures a personalised and effective approach to your recovery.

Aim of the programme

  • Alleviate acute pain and inflammation immediately

  • Promote tendon health and flexibility

  • Improve flexibility and mobility in the affected area

  • Strengthen core and supporting muscles

  • Enhance posture

  • Gradual return to physical activities

Equipment required

  • Resistance Bands

Remember to consult with your healthcare professional before commencing the program and keep them informed about any changes in your condition during the program.

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